How To Increase Your Business Online Presence

Posted on 10/08/2015
How To Increase Your Business Online Presence

Advertising your business online can open many more doors than the traditional newspaper insert or door to door flyers. With the Internet dominating the way we live it is easy to see why many businesses with are are reaching towards the Internet.

Instead of reaching up to 600 people with a local newspaper advertisement you can reach millions of potential customers with a few clicks of the mouse. The possibilities are endless and can provide a substantial increase in sales. When using Fast Invoice you have the advantage of effective business management but without customers you won't have any business to manage.

Google Adwords - Google Adwords is a high in demand service in online advertising. It pops up either at the top or the side of the web page you are looking at and shows you the most suitable advert depending on your browsing history. For example if you have been looking at invoicing software you may be shown adverts for Fast Invoice. Usually charged per click or impression, advertising on Google is easy but the costs can increase quickly so a budget needs to be set to keep expenditure under control.

Youtube Videos - With millions of users every day Youtube is a vast reaching platform to advertise your business and increase your online presence. All videos uploaded on to Youtube have the opportunity to be monetised. Which means the owner of the video can opt in to have adverts shown at the beginning or during their video. Adding a small briefing such as 'Fast Invoice, the small business invoice software' in to the description box can help divert online traffic towards your business.

Social Media - If your business is going to invest in one of the many options to increase your online presence social media is the first option. Setting up accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is fast and doesn't require any technological knowledge. An account can be set up within 15 minutes and you can immediately begin posting material. Social media hits more users than any other form of online advertising. Seeing noticeable differences in the amount of traffic isn't a pattern which occurs straight away with time, and some effort.

Website - In order for any online presence to work you must have a website and domain. Your business website needs to have a clean cut and well organised image to keep visitors to your site interested. Promoting your services and what your business is about on the landing page is crucial to enticing visitors to read more, and engage potential customers.

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