Make the most of Fast Invoice

Posted on 06/08/2015
Make the most of Fast Invoice

1) Upload your logo

Make sure you invoices are as professional as possible by uploading your logo, and make sure all your business information is present.
Just log in and head to your business settings.

2) Track your expenses

By registering your expenses you will be able to generate reports, which will be very useful when you need to submit your end of year returns.
Also, Fast Invoice will plot your expenses vs your income right on the dashboard, giving you an insight on how your business is doing.

3) Set up automatic billing

Have you got clients you charge monthly, weekly or annually?
Automate that process by creating a recurring product/service, and adding it to your client.

4) Set up payment reminders

Why spend time chasing payments when Fast Invoice can do it for you?
Just go to settings and payment reminders.

From there you will be able to type exactly what the reminder message should be, and setup to 3 different intervals for automatic messages.

5) Spread the word

Fast Invoice is not only very practical, it's also absolutely free to use without any limits.
Let your friends and business contacts know, so they can also enjoy it!

Keep all your invoices safe online, get a free Fast Invoice account. No credit card needed.

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