Online Invoicing Software on the way it should be

Posted on 15/02/2015
Online Invoicing Software on the way it should be

Invoicing is given an intelligent spin this month with the launch of an innovative new tool designed to simplify the process for freelancers and small businesses. Developed by Tech Studio Limited, Fast Invoice is a simple yet powerful online invoicing tool.

Rather than complicate the process Fast Invoice takes users directly to the point of billing as a lightweight accountancy and client management tool. Built specifically for freelancers and SMEs, the platform allows users to keep track of all records, create returns, manage tax and generate exports. When an invoice has been created users can request payment using their PayPal account.

As a small business owners the creators of Fast Invoice had first-hand understanding of how complicated the invoicing process can be. From complex accountancy packages and unintuitive interfaces, they identified the need for a platform that cut through the noise and made invoicing as simple as it should be. Fast Invoice achieves this goal by uncluttering the interface, shunning accountancy jargon and providing users with all the basic tools they need to successfully run a business.

Galvanising the platform’s core invoicing function is a series of additional useful features designed to offer billing automation, so your business can run on auto-pilot. The recurring products feature can be managed at global level and allows users to create subscriptions for clients and adjust prices as required. A dashboard offers an instant indicator of how well a business has performed while all invoices are generated in PDF form for security and professionalism. Users can also use the dashboard to keep track and compare their clients, and quickly knowing who the top 5 are.

Signing up can be done in a matter of minutes via the website or through Facebook. With no catches, hidden fees or invoicing limits, Fast Invoice is the superlative billing solution for any freelancer or small business wanting to stay on top of finances.

The entire platform is mobile compatible which means users can keep track of finances from anywhere, at any time. For time short freelancers and SME owners who are constantly on-the-go this is an incredibly valuable feature.

Thanks to the use of record encryption and servers located in highly scalable data centres users enjoy the complete peace of mind that their invoices are safe and secure.

StartUp Britain recorded a record number of new registered businesses in 2014 and this year is shaping up to be just as bright. In the wake of the nationwide surge Fast Invoice is set to emerge as a must have tool for any freelancer or small business owner on the search for a fully functional invoicing and automatic billing tool without a corporate price tag.

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Developed by Tech Studio Limited, Fast Invoice is an online invoicing and automatic billing tool, built for freelancers and small businesses. The platform offers users a full inventory of features and functions needed to successful operate and manage an independent enterprise. This includes record tracking, returns and export generation and tax management. The platform is 100% free to use and does not place a cap on the number of invoices that can be generated.

Keep all your invoices safe online, get a free Fast Invoice account. No credit card needed.

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