We are phasing out expenses

Posted on 17/09/2015
We are phasing out expenses

If you follow tech companies like Google, Facebook etc, you will know that features come and go. And some features are more popular than others.

When we first created Fast Invoice, it was always the intention to keep things simple, but we love you so much, that we start creating more and more, without realising that you may not need some of things we create. And expenses, for the majority of our users has proven to be the case.

We will then be phasing out the expenses section of Fast Invoice, and focusing on our core proposition: Invoicing.

In the near future we want to allow you to choose from various invoicing templates, and lot more which is in the pipeline, but it's too soon to mention it.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or disagree with this decision.

In the mean time, you will notice that the expenses link is no longer present in the portal, but you may continue to access it using this direct link: https://fastinvoice.com/supplier.

We expect to have expenses tracking removed from the portal, anytime from 01/11/2015. Please make sure to download all your expenses from the reporting before this date.

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