Freequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our user guide, we hope you will find what you are looking for, if not just ask us.
To add your logo, please go to:

Settings-> Business

And upload your logo.

For great results, upload a logo which is 200px wide at most.
You may add a short piece of text which will show on all your invoices.
That could be payment information, or anything you would like it to be.

Just Navigate to:

Fast Invoice manages recurring invoices by allowing you create recurring products or services.
Once they are created, you can add it to as many clients as you wish.
You will also be able to take on global actions, like updating the price for all clients using that product/service.

To get started go to:


You will be asked to enter the details, and how ofter would you like a potential client to pay for it.

For instance, some clients may want to pay you monthly, whilst others prefer to pay weekly. We support all that.

Just enter pricing details under Pricing options, and Save.

Great! Now we have a recurring product/service. Let's add it to a client.

Search for the client using our Smart Search, or navigate to it.

From the client's profile you're able to see the Products/Services tab. Go for it.

Hit the Add Product/Service button, and select the product/service you've created in the steps before, and fill the information required.

Hint: The Description field will show on the invoice, so the client would have a bit more information on what they are being charged.
For instance, you could have a service called webhosting, and you entered in the description field. The client would then receive an invoice in the due date with the following description:
Web hosting:

Also, feel free to watch our video tutorial on this subject.

You can configure up to three payment reminders, which will be sent to your clients once invoices are overdue.

To allow that to happen, go to:

Settings->Payment Reminders

Enter the number of days to wait until each reminder, for instance if you would like to wait 5 days until the first reminder is sent, just enter the number 5 under First Overdue Notice. Do the same for the next two fields.

We've created a generic text which will be sent containing information about the overdue invoice, however you may want to type something totally different, and we have built this facility for you.

You'll notice on the top of the email the following text:

You may add the following tags to the text and they will be replaced accordingly:

• {client} First Name + Last Name (Company)
• {number} Invoice Number
• {date} Invoice Date
• {due_date} Invoice Due Date
• {days_overdue} Days Overdue

So Instead of saying:

Dear {client},

This is a reminder that your invoice no. {number} which was generated on {date} is now {days_overdue} days overdue.

You could change it to:

Dear {client},

Please pay invoice {number} as soon as possible as it is {days_overdue} days overdue.

Hint: All emails have your logo and business name in the footer, so no need to add it here.
Once an invoice become overdue, we will display a red "Send Payment Reminder" button.

This button will allow you to send a payment reminder as configured under the payment reminders section.
The logo you upload under your business settings is used for both the invoice, and email signature.

To change it go to: Business->Settings
You can track your expenses pretty much on the same was as you manage your clients.

From the main nav go to:

Expenses->Add Supplier

You are now able to add as many supplier invoices as you wish. You can also categorize the suppliers, which will be really usefull when generating some reports, including your income report.
Categories can be used to group clients and suppliers.

Just navigate to either Clients or Expenses.

Select Create Category, then just select the client/supplier and set it to use that category.
Yes, in fact that is quite simple.

Just go to: Reports->Invoice List

You will then be able to fileter by date, Payment Status, or Type (client or supplier)
To download all your invoices and back them up locally just go to Reports -> Batch export Invoices.

Select the date range of your invoices, and hit Go.

Hint: Please note that if you have many invoices a long date range my be quite slow, so select a few months at time.
To get paid online using PayPal you will just need to add your account details to the system. Go to:

Settings->Accounts -> Add New bank account or payment gateway

Enter a name for the account, symply PayPal would do, but feel free to call it whatever you like.

Under User enter your registered PayPal user name.

In the last field in the form select PayPal.

Done, now all your invoices will be sent containing a PayPal link, which your clients can use to pay you, and automatically update Fast Invoice.
There is no minimum term contract. Subscriptions will only run for as long as they are paid for.