Video Tour

Creating and sending an Invoice

Here we take you on a quick demo on how easy it is to create, and send an invoice to one of your clients.

Customizing invoice with your details

You are able to customize every piece of information on the invoice, including but not limited to logo, business name, address etc.

Set Up Recurring Products and Services

A great feature of Fast Invoice that many other software overlooked is the ability of creating a subscription based product or service. Not only a repeat invoice.

With Fast Invoice you can create service such as cleaning, accountancy, web hosting or maybe a product that gets delivered weekly to your clients such as water, newspaper etc.

We took extra time with this one, and because of it you are now able to manage all of those products/services from a single location, simply adding or removing it to clients. That means that you can control things like pricing from one single location, and we also report on how well your product/service is doing.